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Dental Bonding and Contouring (Tooth Reshaping) – Austin, TX

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About Dental Bonds and Contour

For a few cosmetic irregularities, such as stained teeth with breaks, dental bonding and contouring at Parmer Dental Care in Austin, TX offers a more smooth and gorgeous smile. Fixing the teeth with dental bonding is one of the more popular cosmetic dental procedures at Parmer Dental Care by our dentists that incorporates a resin solution to disguise subtle aesthetic irregularities. The resin substance is a natural appearing match to the real teeth so it is almost entirely invisible. Aesthetic dental bonding is also used to create a tooth appearance that looks longer. This aesthetic procedure closes together small gaps between the teeth, and shapes and smoothes the edges for a straight and natural look producing a high-quality smile.

What to Expect

Dental contouring and bonding takes place in Parmer Dental Care's dental practice and is typically pain-free thus there is no need for numbing or sedation. To make the tooth and make it applicable for proper bonding, our dentists will score the top layer of the tooth and put on a special gel. Prior to application, the resin is prepared to mimic the patient's current tooth whiteness and then precisely painted onto the surface. A special ray of light is aimed at the teeth to harden and cure the resin until the resin fully covers the treatment area. During the final step in this process, our dentists will buff and smooth the tooth's surface to guarantee the bonded teeth are level. The unbonded teeth may also be polished with smoothing instruments to remove sharp edges.

Treatment Aftercare

Clients at Parmer Dental Care may discover that their finished sealed and polished bonded teeth feel abnormal at first, but patients eventually get used to how they look and feel. To take care of dental bonding, each patient should make routine dental visits with our dentists. Proceeding your bonding and contouring procedure, patients should try hard to avoid dark liquids and staining foods, as well as smoking and grinding their teeth to avoid wear. With good care, bonding and contouring can last a long while before another bonding and contouring treatment is needed.

Insurance Coverage

Aesthetic dental bonding may be recommended to repair a fragmented and unsightly tooth. Due to the fact that this is a procedure that is considered an aesthetic enhancement, dental benefits might not cover the fees. If dental bonding is in fact needed to repair the teeth, dental coverage may cover some of the cost. Our insurance managers at Parmer Dental Care will contact each patient's claims department to determine the liability for payment. If the expenses are higher than what the patient can afford, our dentists at Parmer Dental Care can assist by offering convenient billing options.

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Quick, Easy Fixes

For gorgeous, smooth teeth, dental contouring and bonding at Parmer Dental Care in Austin, TX can provide fantastic results in just 1 or 2 office appointments. This dental technique corrects broken and discolored teeth for lasting results. A preferred dental option for our clients, dental contouring and bonding by our dentists can offer you the gorgeous smile you didn't think was possible. Discuss your options with Parmer Dental Care today and see what dental bonding can provide for you.

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